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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

add your blog to google blog search

Many bloggers think that they create a blog and it will
automatically be listed in Google's search. This is not the case at
all. Having an RSS feed is necessary if you want your blog to be shown
in Google's Blog search engine. Blog Search indexes blogs by their
site feed, so make sure that your site feed is turned on. If your blog
isn't already listed in Google's Blog search engine, you can submit it
manually. Add your blog to Google's Blog Search.

# While it is true that you don't even need to submit your site to
Google in order to be indexed, Google does invite you to submit your
URL to make sure they don't miss your site. Submit your blog via
Google's free submitting form.

# When Google finds your site through an automatic crawl it follows
links from other sites.

# What can you do to make Google find your blog?

# Get incoming links. There are sites that the search engine spiders
visit many times a day and getting links on sites that search engines
visit regularly is one of the keys to getting indexed quickly. It
helps you climb in search engine results. Google, view links to your
site as a vote. Search engines use the number of backlinks that a blog
has as just one of the factors for determining your ranking. Incoming
links to your blog also means more visitors to your blog. Help search
engines find your blog by getting a link from a site that Google
Crawls on a regular bases. will submit your blog to
40 search engines. It usually takes a new blog about a month before
it's fully indexed by Google.

You should submit your blog to blog directories
and to Social networking sites like a

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